About me

Hi, I'm Courtney.

Through my own journey of healing from my parents’ messy divorce as a teen and finding healthy ways to explore my sexuality, I was able to learn how to communicate my needs, set and and enforce boundaries, and let go of parts of my past. I now lead a life I love as a therapist, falconer, mother, and wife in an open marriage. I find that very many people face a similar struggle to what I traversed, and I understand the need to follow one’s passions and ideals, and the anxieties, heartaches, and triumphs that can result from that pursuit. It is an incredible experience for me as a provider, and as a person, to weave my training and experience into the fabric of the relationships I experience with clients as their therapist. 

I love helping others to safely open doors to themselves that in other places in the world they would never have the chance to, often from the starting point of asking the question - what do I want for myself? I’m a therapist for the deep work of exploring your childhood, processing traumatic experiences, and getting to the root causes of your suffering so that your past doesn’t prevent you from having the life you want for your present and future. 

I use attentive listening and careful questioning to help you hear yourself in a new way, so that you may feel free to explore new pathways in your psyche, career, and relationships. I have a flexible schedule and am available to meet by video throughout the week. I work with individuals ages 14+ and couples.

License, Education, Associations

Licensed Clinical Social Worker #CW019618
Candidate Analyst, Board Member, Secretary, Web Coordinator
PLUOTS Group Member
Philly Local Unconsciously Oriented Therapist Support Group
Harm Reduction Outreach Volunteer
Widener University, Philadelphia, PA
Masters of Social Work
Masters of Education in Human Sexuality
Columbia University, New York, NY
Bachelors of English and Comparative Literature
Bachelors of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

I'm here for you

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